01 June 2011

Reply from DIAC about anti-discrimination protections

I have received a reply from Immigration to the enquiry that I mentioned in my last posting:

While what information and the form in which that information will be made available to employers is yet to be finalised, it is envisaged that only generic information would be visible to employers. In addition to this, clients submitting and expression of interest will be asked if they wish to make this generic information available to potential employer sponsors. It is also anticipated that the process will be an 'opt in' one for clients whereby employers will indicate in the database which clients they are interested in contacting. Clients will then be given the opportunity to contact the employer thus an employer will only be provided with contact details of a client by a client.

This is encouraging, since it shows that DIAC is aware of the possible anti-discrimination issues with the SkillSelect model. Now we must wait and see whether the employers are willing to participate.

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